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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

It's an...alien?????

It has been some time since I have posted, it's been pretty busy however I felt it was time to add something. I will skip any details about the new job for now and get to the neat stuff. Last Thursday, my wife and I went to the Ultrasound and got the below.

The top right is a picture of the baby's foot, it's a little unclear probably because it kept moving. The others are pictures of the face.

It was really neat to see the baby moving around, waving its hands and arms around, almost like it was waving to us :)

Anyhow, it was really neat to see, and to answer the most obvious question, no we don't know if it is a boy or girl. We intentionally told them that we don't want to know, so although the doctors probably know by now, we don't.

Next time I may go a little more into how the job is going, all I will say for now is that things are going well.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Well there you have it....

Well, I did promise a new post soon, and in that post I did promise to reveal a surprise, so rather than keep everyone in suspense any longer here it is.....

I'm going to be a dad!!!!!

Who would have thought, but there it is. My wife and I are expecting to have a child in September this year. So far everything is looking good and healthy. This of course will be a big change for me, and although I'm sure it will try my patience at times, I'm sure it will be very rewarding as well.

Anyhow, short and sweet, there it is.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Time to move on

Well, it's over, or almost over. No more GO Train, no more coming downtown Toronto every day, I just have a few more days.

Yup, I resigned and my last day is Wednesday March 1st. After 6 years working for Chapters Online, Chapters and then Indigo (through all of which I never changed office buildings). I must say it is an odd feeling coming to work knowing that it is almost over, cleaning out my desk and office space, documenting what I can etc. As of next week, a whole new world will start.

On that thought, it has been implied that perhaps I should change my blogging name so that my real name does not appear in the title. This of course makes sense when you are looking for a job (although I got through that one) or since at my new job, I will be working for customers at their sites and wouldn't want them to easily google me and find me.

On that note, I will be changing my blogging name and am going to open it up to you (assuming anyone even looks at this) leave a comment with a possible name, ideas, whatever.

And stay tuned, I may just have a very special post coming soon but I won't say any more, don't want to ruin the surprise but believe me, if you are reading this, especially if you know me, it is going to be a shocker.

Until then, drive safe and don't forget to signal your turns.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Who in the World is Peter Mitchell??

Well, I just have to comment on one Mr Peter Mitchell. If you want to see what he is all about, just take a look at the comments from my below post. Seems he is a very disturbed do-gooder which leads me to wonder what has made him the way he is.

I have concluded Peter Mitchell needs one of the following:

A) a hobby
B) a job
C) a woman
D) all of the above
E) a man (hey, who knows, not like I know him)

In all though, he seems to mean well, keeping this poor little blog company, however one must remember, no good deed goes unpunished.

So to the "blog commando" (who is probably going commando due to lack of clean laundry) I have put this defensive mechanism in place....

We all know, Peter Mitchell HATES birds

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I only have this account so I can leave comments for others, but I just have to say, although I have never seen it, I can't believe the "cool pur ple sunfire with matching dents" is gone. This is a car owned by someone I have never met, Peter Mitchell, and having never seen it, knowing it's gone, it's a sad sad day......

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Well, Here it Begins

Since I had to create a blog, I figured I should post at least once.